After their successful interview-concert The Dubtapes, Jens Maurits Orchestra is digging deeper to the roots of music with 2 projects. triggers & thresholds is a 10-headed installation-concert questioning the evolution from ape-man to music. the blogpera transforms the blog of their research into the form of a performance.

Once you start questioning why you do what you do, interesting things start to happen. Being an orchestra, we asked the question why we come together to make music. Why is it that making music can make us feel so good? Why do we feel connected to each other when we make music, no matter how different our personalities are? Can it be that the urge to make music is connected to what drives us to go to bars, watch soap operas or go into politics?

Jens Bouttery (drummer/composer) and Daan Milius (dramaturge/video maker) decided to go to to Oxford to talk to evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar. Dunbar told them about the importance of grooming, the touching and cleaning of each other's fur, within monkey and ape societies. It turns out that monkeys and apes spend much more time grooming than necessary for hygienic reasons. Grooming (but also laughing, drinking alcohol, and, yes, making music) triggers the release of endorphins, a kind of feel good chemical. This makes us feel connected to each other and enables us to live with all the difficulties that come with group-life. It thus seems to be that these seemingly trivial social activities are what make groups function.

After their talk with Robin Dunbar, Jens and Daan asked other scientists about the possible processes – the triggers and thresholds - that thrust life into music.

The compositions of Jens Bouttery translate these processes into music & Lucas Kramer’s installation rewrites the past by constructing a memory.

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